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Раимбек Баталов: "Цены на продукты пойдут вверх, инфляция разгонится…" Read more...
Винченцо Нибали: "Моя мечта сбылась в велокоманде "Астана"
Велогонке "Школьник Казахстана" 45 лет

About the Holding

A commercial firm called “Raimbek” was established in far 1992 and now this is a multi-industry Corporate Holding Raimbek Group, which includes several areas such as: food department FMCG, retail and real estate development.
Each of the Companies within the Holding is proud of its reputation, professionalism of the employees, modern equipment, quality products of their own production.. Read more


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The 20th anniversary

lentaIn the year 2012 the Holding Company Raimbek Group celebrated its 20th anniversary. Is this a lot or a little?! From the point of world history it is not a tithe of but for sovereign Kazakhstan it is really a lot!!!
20 years is a landmark of the life journey of the Company, the point when it is possible to look back bravely and see  what we were and what we have become, whether we are on the right way in our development and what we are planning for future?! Read more...

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